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29th August 2019

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Establishment Room III,

Level 3, 252 George St


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07:50 am – 9:00 am

Followed by networking

About the event

Did you know that nearly 70% of consumer enquiries can be automated and if given the choice, most customers would choose message over voice for service and support?


Customer experience is critical to the success of any business but the way customers want to communicate with companies is changing — let’s just say, waiting on hold to saxophone samba music is no longer an option.


Today, customers want their queries solved instantly, and they want to communicate with companies when and where it suits them — whether that’s through Facebook Messenger on-the-go or through Google Assistant with their feet up at home.


Companies that have adopted artificial intelligence for customer care are seeing the benefits (read: 95% peak in customer satisfaction, 48% reduction in customer service costs & tripling of the conversion rate), but creating an AI-driven customer experience that’s successful and natural isn’t easy. It relies on a number of factors including a solid foundation of data analytics, efficient conversational design and seamless exchange between human and bot.


Servian and Google would love for you to join us for breakfast to hear from our panel of experts and guest speaker, Optus.


You will learn: 

  • How to build a successful, conversational chatbot
  • How to leverage machine learning, live messaging and voice recognition to improve customer experience and reduce customer service costs
  • How to seamlessly combine human agents with digital assistants to empower your customer service, sales and marketing teams
  • How to track analytics to continuously improve customer experience
  • How Optus is using chatbots and artificial intelligence to transform its customer experience


07:50 am – Arrival

  • Please arrive at 07:50 am for an 8:00 am start.

8:00 am – Chatbots and humans, a seamless exchange

  • Using LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational commerce platform, LiveEngage, Clinton Alver will explain how to effectively blend human agents with digital assistants in order to create a natural customer exchange across multiple channels. He will explore LiveEngage’s many capabilities and show how they drive operational efficiency and business insight.

8:10 am – Getting conversational with Dialogflow

  • Sean Bedford will explore the Google Cloud Platform and uncover how it better connects customers to amazing experiences. He’ll cover text and voice-based interactions using Google Dialogflow through to streamlined call centre operations using Google’s sophisticated Contact Centre AI solution.

8:20 am – Bringing data and AI back into the conversation

  • Andy Huang will explore the development of chatbots from a machine learning and data management perspective. He will discuss Servian’s approach to the development and operation of chatbots both as human digital experience design as well as operating production machine learning models, and discuss how this approach gives clients a competitive edge to achieve sustainable outcomes. Andy will explain what he sees is as at the core of bots and what the optimal composition for a successful chatbot delivery looks like.

8:35 am – Bringing Service Design into the mix

  • Scaling your current processes into a chatbot is not a one-to-one exercise. This is where a lot of chatbots have failed. Using Servian’s Service Design Methodology, Sam Hancock will explain the importance of user experience within conversation design. He will cover the ins and outs of building a conversation and discuss the planning and frameworks required to structure the bot’s purpose and ensure an optimal customer experience.

8:45 am – Optus Case Study

  • Kate Brodie will share her experience leading Optus’ first-to-market API consuming chatbot in Australia. She will discuss their journey to date, covering the bots impact on the customer and the business, and detail the future direction of AI/ML for Optus. 

9:00 am – Q+A & Networking

  • If you need to leave by 9am, you can. Otherwise, please hang around for networking.

What we will focus on


Want to learn how AI can transform your customer experience?

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