Get value from data in the cloud


Streamline setting up data pipelines with BigQuery on Google Cloud Platform Get the most out of your move to the cloud – improve agility andcosts as key components of your transformation journey. Cloud transition may be driven by cost savings, but there are more benefits waiting for you… Instead of spending

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Get AI into your enterprise


Drive real value around customer experience, revenue generation & cost optimisation with AI Discover how you can benefit from the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Achieve the right business outcomes through easily integrating AI-based cloud services. Data is at the core of your AI journey. Discover where the

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Developer First Cloud Platform


Focus on what really matters thanks to a fully managed environment built on Google infrastructure Design and deliver the applications of tomorrow while addressing concerns aboutthe costs of volume, security, infrastructure & support. Iterate your ideas to greatness, stop being slowed down by processes built on old-world models and constrained by cost, performance,

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Speech to text pipeline on GCP


Processing audio or speech data can be challenging in any environment. This project from Servian produced a store of text files from audio in an easy pipeline on Google Cloud Platform. Servian was engaged to help create a Speech to Text pipeline for a full service, audio on demand company. The client helps creators

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Voice assistance and automatic form filling with GCP


Deploying an interactive voice assistant and form filling with voice inputs from the ease of an Android app. One of Australia’s leading natural resource providers wanted to achieve a voice driven architecture for their employees to make use of while in the field. Servian provided a fully hosted Google Cloud Platform backend with Google

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Retail Customer path analysis on Google Cloud


Retail Customer path analysis on Google Cloud One of Australia’s leading entertainment providers wanted to optimise customer sales in their stores for many locations across Australia. Vision and video analysis using Google Cloud Platform provided a unique opportunity for Servian to provide insights on individual shopper’s paths for the client.

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Using Google Dialogflow to build a smarter Chatbot


One of Australia's largest superannuation funds Australian Super, with millions of members was looking for help to optimise their chatbot capability. They wanted to improve their customer experience in the chat by ensuring readily available information was provided by the chatbot, thereby freeing up people to focus on solving complex customer queries.

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Targeted marketing and campaigning on GCP


Accurate data on a powerful platform is a key enabler for campaign messaging. SalesPond provide sales enablement, marketing services and data services to SMB & enterprise clients across Asia Pacific. SalesPond are headquartered in Sydney with offices across Asia. SalesPond seeks to provide inside sales capabilities for clients who wish to have campaigning outcomes driven

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Hands free inspection agent with Android and GCP


A leading mining company wanted to improve the ability of its operators but had to balance between capturing accurate information and operating hands free. Servian consultants designed a platform which combined Google Cloud Platform, DialogFlow and Android to solve the challenge . The challenges Inconsistent ways of operating

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Reimagining enterprise search on GCP


Search is a critical element for making large amounts of data accessible. To make search resonate with users, it requires a mix of well designed usability, tuned data sets and optimised infrastructure. Servian has customers in both Government and Financial Services who have been able to benefit from our expertise in search. We

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