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Servian Events | Where are you on your customer data journey and migration roadmap?

About This Event As GA4 becomes the default version of Google Analytics, the necessary migration of tooling and measurement approaches are required. This upgrade unlocks the potential for privacy-first features, AI-driven analytics, and cross-channel and cross-device measurement. Being 1990s data-driven won't be sufficient; leading marketing organisations must become fluent in customer behavioural

Modernise Machine Learning | AWS

Machine Learning Modernisation with AWS Reduce Cost, Fast Track Business Growth and Innovation Book a free consultation The State of ML Modernisation Machine Learning is becoming the new norm and is becoming an expected product feature for many enterprises. Apps, processes and experiences are expected to be smarter

Modern Data Stack | On-demand Demo Recording

Ultimate Data Stack Event Shifting to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) should simplify workloads to centralise disparate data, enabling organisations to increase analytics, performance, and customer experience delivery. The reality is that data stacks often fall short, and data engineers are left to navigate a costly and complex platform. So, where