Using Google Dialogflow to build a smarter Chatbot

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One of Australia's largest superannuation funds with millions of members was looking for help to optimise their chatbot capability. They wanted to improve their customer experience in the chat by ensuring readily available information was provided by the chatbot, thereby freeing up people to focus on solving complex customer queries. The Super

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Targeted marketing and campaigning on GCP

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Accurate data on a powerful platform is a key enabler for campaign messaging. SalesPond provide sales enablement, marketing services and data services to SMB & enterprise clients across Asia Pacific. SalesPond are headquartered in Sydney with offices across Asia. SalesPond seeks to provide inside sales capabilities for clients who wish to have campaigning outcomes driven

Hands free inspection agent with Android and GCP

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A leading mining company wanted to improve the ability of its operators but had to balance between capturing accurate information and operating hands free. Servian consultants designed a platform which combined Google Cloud Platform, DialogFlow and Android to solve the challenge . The challenges Inconsistent ways of operating

Reimagining enterprise search on GCP

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Search is a critical element for making large amounts of data accessible. To make search resonate with users, it requires a mix of well designed usability, tuned data sets and optimised infrastructure. Servian has customers in both Government and Financial Services who have been able to benefit from our expertise in search. We

WordPress website migration with Kubernetes on GCP

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Employsure, a leading workplace relations specialist,  empower employers to manage the risks associated with Fair Work and WHS compliance. They required a flexible but stable way of running their websites on the cloud. Servian consultants designed a Google Cloud based system which has provided flexibility, improved deployment processes and lowered costs .

Improving safety in the construction industry on GCP

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A large building and construction group was seeking greater insights into serious incidents with Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. The building and construction company sought to develop a greater understanding of the root causes from serious harm incidents. Data Science techniques using Machine Learning and text analysis were used to analyse

Digital Marketing outcomes with Machine Learning on GCP

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Development, verification and testing of Digital Marketing outcomes with Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. The media agency of one of Australia's larger financial institutions required a Discovery Analytics environment to support an internal Marketing data initiative. Servian consultants designed a GCP Cloud based system which provided an appropriate and secure user

re.cov.ery | Re-thinking knee recovery

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Encompassing cognitive personalised behavioural therapy Re-thinking knee recovery We worked with a Sydney based incubator to create an app that assists in gathering knee flexion/extension data from sensors in a way the practitioners can access, provide accompanying information to patients recovering from total knee replacements. We used a research first approach, then

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5 Practical Uses for Predictive Analytics in Marketing

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The unprecedented amount of data available today coupled with new technologies means there is a greater opportunity to use data to drive value for your customer and business. Marketers no longer want to know what happened. They want to know what will happen as this is where the true value lies. Waiting

Leveraging Spark Machine Learning with Talend

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From the weather to the lottery, it’s human nature to want to predict the future. We try to change our behaviour or decisions to influence our future in a (hopefully) positive way. Businesses are no different. They want to predict what a customer wants before they ask, the resources they need and