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NoOps Cloud ETL Architecture Reducing time to first insight with AWS, Talend, and Snowflake The Betfair Exchange is the world’s largest, peer-to-peer wagering platform. Traditionally, betting has occurred between a customer and a bookmaker where the customer bets that an outcome will occur and the bookmaker


Solutions Get to your business outcomes faster With over 12 years of experience in data and DevOps, working across hundreds of clients, we have built a collection of solutions that we think balance the unique element of every business with common solutions that can be applied to

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Brighter Health Futures Through Data Servian has a long history of helping health institutions improve outcomes through better use of data. We hire over 600 of the brightest problem-solving minds, and partner with over 120 global data technology companies to deliver our health clients new capabilities and a brighter outlook.

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Data Insights Platforms with Looker Google Cloud acquires Looker expanding its platform for business intelligence learn more Deploy in days. Not months. Looker is a data platform that makes it easy to find, explore and understand the data that drives your business. Data analysts create a single