Hands free inspection agent with Android and GCP

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A leading mining company wanted to improve the ability of its operators but had to balance between capturing accurate information and operating hands free. Servian consultants designed a platform which combined Google Cloud Platform, DialogFlow and Android to solve the challenge . The challenges Inconsistent ways of operating

WordPress website migration with Kubernetes on GCP

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Employsure, a leading workplace relations specialist,  empower employers to manage the risks associated with Fair Work and WHS compliance. They required a flexible but stable way of running their websites on the cloud. Servian consultants designed a Google Cloud based system which has provided flexibility, improved deployment processes and lowered costs .

5 Practical Uses for Predictive Analytics in Marketing

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The unprecedented amount of data available today coupled with new technologies means there is a greater opportunity to use data to drive value for your customer and business. Marketers no longer want to know what happened. They want to know what will happen as this is where the true value lies. Waiting

Orchestrating an End-to-End Cloud Analytics Solution using Microsoft Azure Data Factory

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Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based service that ingests data from multiple sources, transforms the data using MapReduce & machine learning and publishes the output to visualisation tools & BI applications. With Data Factory, organisations can utilise a single orchestrating engine for moving and transforming big data. Since the service is based in Azure, it