Cloud & Data focused. People led.

Join over 850 talented technologists with a passion for data and complex problem solving.

Why Servian?

We are a consultant led organisation. We invest heavily in our consultants to ensure they have the technical skills and commercial acumen to be successful in their work.

Our consultants have a passion for data and solving complex problems. They are curious, ambitious and experts in their fields. We have developed a first rate team so you will be supported and learn from the best.

Our Principles

Servian consultants engage with the business to give expert advice, solve problems and deliver data, analytics, digital, AI, customer and cloud solutions, by drawing on years of experience across diverse projects, industries and technologies.

What we look for

What we will always look for in a consultant.

What we wish for

These would be seen as an added bonus. If you’re not strong in these areas, our L&D program will ensure you develop these skills over time.

What some of our consultants have to say

Take our tests

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Servian consultant?

We expect a baseline level of technical ability for all our consultants. You can try some of our automated tests by clicking one of the links below. You’ll get your score emailed to you once you’re done. Do your best and if you feel like an extra challenge, try and beat some of the best times on the test leaderboards.

Data consultant (Baseline)

This is a set of 9 simple problems relating to a Real Estate data set. You have 2 hours to complete the problems and all questions are answered using SQL (SQL-92 MySQL Dialect).

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Digital consultant (Baseline)

This is a set of 3 simple questions that we'd expect any Servian Digital consultant to be able to solve. Two of the problems are programming challenges solveable in a variety of languages, and one question requires you to answer in SQL.

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Data Consultant (Tricky)

This test contains a single question which we would expect more senior Data Consultants to be able to answer. You'll be asked to provide answers in SQL (SQL-2003+ Oracle Dialect).

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