The right information, to the right person, at the right time

Stay on top of your portfolio, anytime, anywhere.

We worked with with a trading desk in creating a block trading application, The app provided up-to-date information to 150 high value niche clients.

problems & pain points

In a fast paced environment, a few minutes could mean the difference of millions of dollars. Speed is everything, something which the client felt they were lacking.

I want to be able to view my digital portfolio and be notified on any changes to blocks that may interest me

Problem statement brought into the Design Thinking workshops


The trading desk was able to facilitate a large $500 million deal within the first days of product launch. The bank was first to market for such an offering, with the app generating a lot of attention in the AU financial market.

Enable the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (EEE) Award nomination summary.

what next?

MVP started off with a very basic proof of concept. After the solution was seen to be viable, further features were agreed to be rolled out.