BigQuery & dbt on Google Cloud: a practitioner’s approach to building scalable and maintainable data pipelines

We’re really excited about the prospect of dbt and what it means to our consultants out in the field working with customers. In particular, how dbt can be integrated into massively scalable and maintainable data pipelines on Google Cloud using tools like BigQuery (Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse) to make data transformations more manageable and reusable.

dbt is an open source tool that applies the principles of software engineering to analytics code, an approach that dramatically increases productivity in teams. dbt encourages reuse, automated unit testing and modularity, which are normally very hard to leverage with SQL and standard data pipelines. 

In this recorded webinar and demo session you will learn:

    • An introduction to BigQuery & dbt
    • BigQuery best practices
    • How dbt can be used to work with BigQuery

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