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Reducing time to first insight with AWS, Talend, and Snowflake

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The Betfair Exchange is the world’s largest, peer-to-peer wagering platform. Traditionally, betting has occurred between a customer and a bookmaker where the customer bets that an outcome will occur and the bookmaker carries the risk of that bet. Through its online platform, Betfair provides a marketplace for betting to exchange between customers, allowing customers to take either side of the bet – Back, to bet for an outcome to happen or Lay to bet against that outcome. These bets happen independent of a corporate risk taker; the bookie. Unique to Betfair in Australia, this unique offering gives customers more choice, typically resulting in better odds due to no bookmaker margins and opening the ability to trade bets.

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The Challenge

The online and mobile channel has been the fastest-growing section of the gaming market. To meet the growing demand of these digital channels, it is imperative for Betfair to remain technically current and stay abreast of the latest data and analytics trend. To meet this aspiration, Betfair are making strategic investments in new data analytics platform, embracing public cloud technologies. Betfair has opted to partner with AWS, Talend, and Snowflake to provide their data analytics team the platform, services and tools necessary to achieve this goal in a scaleable, cost efficient and repeatable manner.

The Solution

As part of this journey, Betfair sought for a service delivery partner for assistance to modernise its data and analytics platform on AWS with the help of Talend and Snowflake. Betfair engaged Servian to assist with their data warehouse setup, metadata framework creation, and Talend end-to-end ETL data pipelines. In a short 10 week engagement, Servian provisioned the metadata framework along with the creation of 8 metadata-driven ETL patterns and successfully moved 30 tables into the new platform.

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The Benefits

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Scalable, Secure, Serverless

Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand, auto-scaling database which automatically starts, stops, and scales capacity up or down based on your application’s needs.

Metadata Driven ETL

Metadata Driven ETL

Talend’s flexibility allows ETL jobs to be built once and run many times using Servian’s fit-for-purpose metadata framework.

Built for the Cloud

Built for the cloud

Snowflake is built for speed, even with the most intense workloads. Its patented architecture separates compute from storage so you can scale up and down on the fly, without delay or disruption. You get the performance you need exactly when you need it.

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We drive a competitive advantage for our customers by enabling them to become truly data driven. We help organisations design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data platforms that ensure the security, accuracy, and reliability of their data. Our services in data and analytics span across advisory, consulting and managed services.

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Amazon Web Services provides a broad platform of secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that help you collect, store, process, and analyse Big Data workloads.

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