Servian & AWS Partnership

Servian is an accredited AWS partner with Data & Analytics Competency, DevOps Competency, Redshift Service Provider, and over 200 certified consultants.

Our consulting team has a wealth of experience in data integration tooling, cloud-first modern data architectures, big data ecosystems, analytical modelling and artificial intelligence services. We help our clients design and deliver the appropriate data platform to support their business needs.

Building effective, secure and scalable solutions in AWS cloud

We deliver meaningful business insights for complex data challenges leveraging the unlimited potential of cloud computing to help businesses scale and grow.

AWS Service offerings

“A fast and effective PoC with Amazon Personalize, led by the MECCA technology and CRM teams, in collaboration with our partner Servian, demonstrated how much we could achieve without developing our recommendation engine. Since integrating Personalize, we are seeing our customers respond positively to the new recommendations with a 65% increase in e-mail click-through rates and a corresponding increase in email revenue relating to the products recommended by Personalize.”

Sam Bain, MECCA eCommerce & CRM Director

Customer Success Stories

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