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Taking a Well Architected approach to moving to AWS

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About Company

Infomedix is an Australian owned and operated company with a wealth of experience in delivering software solutions to hospitals since 2000. Infomedix has a range of products that are implemented in over 60 locations across Australia in acute, mental health and community healthcare settings.

Infomedix digitally holds over 32 million pathology and radiology results, over 10M digitally created forms and over 240M scanned documents. Infomedix integrates with over 30 different clinical and administration systems and has more than 46k individual users access their systems daily.

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The Challenge

Building the foundations for future growth on AWS

With a rapidly growing customer base and plans to expand their business into new markets, Infomedix was considering moving their services and infrastructure to AWS and required a secure and well architected environment that would enable them to spin up new customer environments quickly and seamlessly, ensuring that they could be managed at scale. Infomedix engaged Servian to understand the risks and benefits of moving to AWS, design and build a well architected solution that would meet their needs.

The Solution

Cloud Readiness Assessment & AWS Cloud Foundations

Servian worked with Infomedix to conduct a Cloud Readiness Assessment. The assessment identified key requirements, providing a roadmap and cloud strategy that would migrate their services from on-premises to AWS. Deploying Servians Cloud Foundations solution provided Infomedix with a well architected environment and a clearly mapped out account structure that enabled Infomedix to rapidly grow and expand their offerings and business. By leveraging CodePipeline, Infrastructure-as-Code and CodeCommit Infomedix can now easily manage their environments and deployments whilst also easily tracking
changes to their infrastructure.

The Benefits

Flexible Cloud Offering


Servian provided Infomedix with a seamless and self-managing approach to scaling environments to meet the load of their ever-expanding customer base by leveraging AWS Services and Well Architected framework.

Powerful Data Integration

Well Architected

Servians AWS Cloud Foundations follows AWS Well Architected principles. This provides Infomedix with a high level of confidence that their infrastructure is reliable, secure, scalable and easy to manage/operate.

Built for the Cloud

Predictable deployments with minimal risk

Servian AWS Foundations is fully deployed via CICD pipeline and leverages IaC to model environments. Servian helped Infomedix de-risk the deployment of AWS Services, setup and configuration of new environments by making them fully templated and repeatable.

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Servian are a team of talented technologists working across Australia, Asia Pacific, India and the UK to collaborate with clients on the latest technologies for over 10 years. Specialising in Data & Analytics, Digital, Customer Engagement & Cloud Technology, Servian have the key partnerships, experience and know-how to drive strategy, innovation and delivery of high impact technology projects.

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