Betfair’s AWS Foundations

Building foundations for better app delivery

About Company

Betfair Pty Limited (Betfair Australia) is the Australian operation of the web betting exchange, Betfair. Established in 2005, Betfair Australia operates Australia’s only betting exchange under a Northern Territory Betting Exchange Licence. Since August 2014 Betfair Australia has been fully owned by Crown Resorts Limited. Betfair is the world’s largest, and Australia’s only, peer to peer wagering platform, providing services to their customers through web and mobile applications.

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The Challenge

Getting started with AWS Infrastructure and doing it right

Betfair wanted to create infrastructure in AWS that could enable innovation in their environment quickly and securely. With a vision to establish AWS as a key part of Betfair’s IT infrastructure, Betfair wanted an infrastructure design that was well architected but also flexible and easy to support as they grew their use cases and usage of the platform through application and product builds and future service migrations. With a lean technical team and a desire to move faster, Betfair turned to Servian for assistance to uplift cloud infrastructure with a focus on automation.

The Solution

AWS Foundations provided a strong base to take Betfair forward

By deploying Servian’s AWS Foundations solution, Betfair was able to move to an automated infrastructure as code solution that could automatically deploy new accounts through CICD pipelines. Foundations provided AWS code pipelines to deploy new accounts with reusable architectural patterns and AWS Code Build to run Terraform scripts to build out infrastructure as code. As Servian’s AWS Foundations is built from code, the Betfair team were able to easily deploy and make changes as required. Servian were able to have Foundations up and running for Betfair in just three weeks.

The Benefits

Flexible Cloud Offering

Reusable Infrastructure

Servian’s AWS Foundations leverages infrastructure as code which can be deployed multiple times to support development teams as they move through an iterative approach to software development.

Powerful Data Integration

Well Architected

By following AWS well architected principles, Betfair has a high level of confidence that their infrastructure is reliable, scalable, secure and easy to access/manage.

Built for the Cloud

Automated Account Onboarding & Deployment

As IaC is used to model an account and CICD is leveraged to deploy the resources, Betfair is able to easily vendor and deploy new accounts as needed. This ensures accounts are set-up and deployed in a consistent manner and enables Betfair to leverage the same benefits for newly provisioned accounts instantly.

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