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Enterprise AI: Simplify the Organisational Cha(lle)nge

In 2019 organisations across industries are looking to AI-driven automation and augmentation to improve everyday processes and enhance their offering. But even the long list of anticipated benefits can prove to be not enough in the face of organisational struggles expected along the way… How do you tackle the obstacles and successfully apply AI to your business?

At Servian, we believe that the key drivers to pioneer, embed and adopt AI in an organisation lies within its people. This means, that at the start of the AI journey, you want to work with your team around what AI means to your organisation and where they think it could add the most value. Which products or services could benefit from AI capabilities? Which tasks are crucial, yet time-consuming and can be potentially automated? Will the proposed AI solution stand the test of time? What can you do to keep it evolving and improving as the business grows and changes? These are all important questions that should be asked and answered early on.

Working with our clients, we often help them transition and transform their teams to allow them to ideate, validate, execute and support AI engagements. Let’s have a closer look at the four stages of refining organisational capability and processes to create Enterprise AI:

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