A leading mining company wanted to improve the ability of its operators but had to balance between capturing accurate information and operating hands free. Servian consultants designed a platform which combined Google Cloud Platform, DialogFlow and Android to solve the challenge .

The challenges

Inconsistent ways of operating

Mining operators currently have inconsistent ways of following processes which can be hard to govern. Guidance to try and help operators with compliance, operational efficiency and effectiveness is generally provided in printed or online manuals, which is not contextual to the task at hand.

Using no hands

Inspections requires operators to be hands free all time, which makes moving around sites and recording information difficult. This leads to results which skew towards more non-compliance when they may not necessarily be the case.

Our solution

The Platform Design:

An Android application was built to host the voice interface which then stored and forwarded data back to the GCP instance.

The Android application uses the business rules and decision tree structures within DialogFlow, combined with voice commands and speech to text to provide a voice driven experience, which is hands free.

Data is automatically uploaded to GCP for review and editing after the session on site, which is also enriched via GPS.

The Platform was designed using the following tools:

  • Dialogflow
  • Android
  • Firebase
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Container Registry
  • Google Container Builder
  • Google Source Repositories


Reduced bias and improved accuracy

With the guidance from the rules in Dialogflow, there is higher conformance of the actual inspections process, which reduces the risk of bias and inaccuracy.

Reduced time in field

Inspections requires less time as hands are free to help, there is reduced context switching while on site.