A smarter way to work

Help all staff find, connect and collaborate through a centralised platform managing every aspect of their working day.

We worked with Australia’s top financial bank to create a mobile digital assistant. For MVP, we focused on approvals and expanded the concept as we iterated.

problems & pain points

I want to be able to see all of my approvals without being spammed in my inbox

Problem statement brought into the Design Thinking workshops

solutions and outcomes

A mobile and desktop app that enables fast approvals for a variety of systems.

The creation of the ‘me’ app demonstrates a high level of innovation and cross collaboration. The result is a successful outcome that is enabling thousands of staff members by streamlining and simplifying key approvals processes, making staff more mobile and creating time efficiencies.

Enable the Entrepreneurial Enterprise (EEE) Award nomination summary.

what next?

Integrating a plethora of different systems across the bank such as:

Formalising key to-do items with checklist functionality

Kick off the recruitment process for a new hire.

Tracking your requests through the app

Creating, updating and reviewing your personal scorecard for real time feedback

Transforming the ‘me’ app into a platform with complete security controls and integrations allowing other business / operating groups to develop and install plugins, taking advantage and leveraging the already existing approved infrastructure.