Becoming a Servianite

Servian was established in 2008 and has quickly become one of Australia’s fastest growing consultancies that is focused on all things DATA! We currently have more than 150 consultants across Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland working across 1st tier clients on the most interesting projects.

Our success is due to having a team of highly talented consultants who share a passion for technology and data. We aim to provide all our consultants with exposure to various technologies, domains and vertical.

Our program is develop to be advanced and challenging. You will be challenged both technically and commercially as we look to give you a breadth of knowledge and exposure across both areas.You will be assigned a mentor that will help guide you through the process.

Our top requirement is talent. We are looking for candidates who are passionate about everything data. Ideally graduate will have a strong focus on technology and will have a background in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Information Management, Engineering or computer science. Those with a high GPA or a first class honors will be highly regarded.


This is an entry-level role in Servian for the Job Role family of Consultants, and as such the Analyst will be expected to develop and demonstrate accountability and self-sufficiency in the client environment.

You will be allocated units of work, assisting with the development of various deliverables across the development life cycle. The aim is for the Analyst to learn to and practice the essential skills used by Consultants whilst contributing to the completion of defined tasks.

As a Servian Analyst You will apply technical skills to participate in building the designed solution, and will be a primary tester of delivered systems to ensure quality in the final product. You will also learn how to best understand the business domain, document business requirements, and create design documentation under the direction of more senior consultants.

Servian is a consultancy built for consultants, our success and strong reputation has been due to having some of the best consultants in the industry and providing a learning and development environment. If you are driven to succeed then we will provide you with all the tools necessary for that.

We also have one of the best cultures for consultants to truly thrive. Some of the benefits we offer include:

  1. Commitment to providing social activities to our consultants every month
  2. No blame culture
  3. Life insurance and salary continuance insurance
  4. Strong mentoring program
  5. Mac Book Pro with VM Ware – providing you with access to all the technologies we use
  6. A non-structured program allowing your creativity and learning ability to flourish!

We hire based on three areas, the interviewing process will involve three stages each focusing on the three areas.

  1. Consulting Demeanor
  2. Technical Capability
  3. Problem Solving

To apply for a position with us please send us your CV along with an academic transcript and cover letter to

In your cover letter please answer the following:

  • What has been your most geekiest moment to date?
  • If you were to have a superpower what would it be and why?
  • What is main goal you would like to achieve during your time at Servian?
  • When can you start a full time position?